Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tennis Pavilion

As of May 2010, I retired from coaching girls' tennis for 34 years at Norwell High School. I have a great respect for the game and see the benefit of this sport in competition and recreation. Taking this different step in my life has inspired me to promote a project for the good of tennis at Norwell High School and the community: a tennis pavilion. It would be placed west of the present 10 tennis courts.

Originally, I planned to contact only female tennis alumni. Yet as word of this idea spread, I noted others who felt this was a worthwhile project. Therefore, I have decided to extend to others: male tennis alums, parents, businesses, NWCS staff, the community, etc.

This 20' by 30' structure will provide a facility for team gatherings, protection from inclement weather, a place (with electricity, serving counter, and picnic tables)for snacks, an improved storage unit, and a central location for reporting scores and posting information. Since Norwell has been hosting the boys and girls sectional, this facility would be helpful for this three-county event. As well, the pavilion could be used as a resting or eating place for those who walk the grounds or attend a nearby baseball game.

The design of the pavilion is attractive, but reasonable, and has been created by graduate architects Nick and Angie Worden. As well, I have contacted local professionals to provide estimates and labor to put together a quality structure. The plan has been approved by Northern Wells Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Scott Mills, the school board, and Head of NWCS Maintenance John Kochert.

The collection of the funds has been properly organized by NWCS Business Manager/Treasurer Brandon Penrod, Athletic Director Eric Morgan, and NHS treasurer Kristie George. Patrons can follow the instructions on the payment form to be returned with the donation. Norwell High School is a non-profit, so this donation is tax deductible.

The estimated amount for the tennis pavilion is $18,300?. I realize this request is going to people from all income categories. I respect a donation of $5. But, of course, donations in the double, triple, and even quadruple digits are needed. Ideally, I would like to construct the building in the summer of 2011. If donations fall short, the account will stay on hold and further efforts will need to be taken.

In order to keep informed of the NHS Tennis Pavilion project, you may go to the school corporation website to see the periodic updates: Select NHS Athletics on the left and then select NHS Tennis Pavilion Campaign. Also on Facebook under Norwell High School Tennis Pavilion Campaign.

Please help in spreading the word to anyone you may know who would be willing to donate. Our times need to promote the out-of-doors and physical activity. This building is one way to benefit the young adults of Northern Wells, as well as, all patrons of the community. I thank you for your assistance with this effort.


Terri Worden

Former Norwell Girls Tennis Coach and NHS Tennis Pavilion Chairperson