Thursday, March 18, 2010

NHS Prom

Norwell juniors and seniors, it's that time again. Prom is just around the corner. It will be held on May 8th, and this years theme will be Las Vegas. Tickets cost $25. The Prom is at Memorial Coliseum from 8-11; pictures begin at 7pm.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Shamrock MDA sales end tomorrow. Mrs. Shull is currently in the lead with 61 shamrocks. A list of the tallies is below.

Gebhard - 4
Hurraw - 2
Aschliman - 4
Tucker - 4
Bower - 4
McGehee - 1
Torwelle - 12
Shull - 61

Mrs. Shull previously stated her disdain at the beginning of the race... In a heated discussion with Mrs. Bower, the current winner stated, "I don't care if I have to go down at the last minute of the last day and place down $40, YOU WILL WEAR THAT LEPRECHAUN SUIT!"

Lunch Games?

Now that the weather is getting some what nice, students have started to spend a little more time outside. The most common pass time is Hacky Sack, however with these guys, there's a kicker, with a combination of Four Square. Lately as a reporter and student I have noticed students losing interest in common school activities, and today when i was taking their pictures it sparked a thought that why don't we start up lunch games? Expanding on that, i mean why cant we have students run possible Four Square games or etc? So If you think you have a game that should be talked about, or played hit us up at

Friday, March 12, 2010


New things have been happening on the Student Interest blog! Please check it out for Shamrock Tallies and our first ever Teacher of the Week!


Monday, March 8, 2010

A Leprechaun at Norwell!?!

In addition to students donating their money to the MDA (see post below), each student places his or her vote onto the window wall by the cafeteria. The vote go towards one of the most priceless things a high schooler could ask for: to see one of their beloved teachers dressed up like a leprechaun. These teachers are up for the award or punishment, however you look at it: Mr. Torwelle, Mrs. Shull, Mrs. Bower, Mr. McGehee, Ms. Hurraw, Mr. Gebhart, Mrs. Ashliman, and Mrs. Tucker. Please visit the Student Interest blog later today for an official tally at 1 PM by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shamrocks for muscular dystrophy

During the month of March, student council will be selling shamrocks for muscular dystrophy. Shamrocks cost one dollar and will be displayed along the cafeteria wall.

National FFA Week !

During this year's National FFA Week, FFA participated in a miraculous number of things, going above and beyond what has been done in past years. Each day had a specific dress code, featuring FFA T-shirt, Official Dress, College team spirit, camouflage, farm spirit and also Carhart day. The FFA held a breakfast for all of the NHS staff members on Friday morning and created a petting zoo on Wednesday.

They also had a rec night to celebrate the accomplishments that they have had this year already. On the last day, there was a tractor drive in in which students like Stephanie Meyer, Bradley Heckber, Mitchell Teusch, Kayla Taylor, Nick Wilson, Shelby Meyer and many other members participated. Special thanks to the president, Jenna Steed, Ag teacher, Mr. Caldwell, and advisor, Mrs. Kolhagen. They did a phenomenal job throughout the week. It was, overall, a major success and a proud week for Norwell FFA.

BPA State

Shoot for Success

This Saturday, twelve Norwell High School students are going to Indianapolis to compete in Business Professionals of America State competition. The competition lasts from Sunday morning to Tuesday afternoon. Thea Smekens, Katie Bunch, Kristen Springer, Ben DeVoe, Adam Datema, Kyle Isch, Alex Eichler, Jeff Shatto, Kimberlee Bussey, Rachel Towle, Shane Feichter, and Brooks Caley are all headed to state. They are competing in various individual and team competitions. If they place in the top 5, top 3, or top 2 (depending on the category) they will get to move on to Nationals in Anaheim, California.

Make sure to wish them good luck for this weekend!

A New Scene at Norwell

Due to last year's budget cuts, there will not be a spring play. However, Ms. Susan Kahn has assembled an Improv troop over the past month that will be doing a performance.

Improv is acting without any premeditated ideas or lines. Improvisational games have always been a light hearted highlight of Ms. Kahn's Norwell theatre classes. One comparable example is the TV show, "Who's Line Is It Anyway?". Forms of this TV show thrive throughtout many other countries.

Initially, around 35 students tried out. Over the series of three Roundtable periods on Friday, Ms. Kahn was able to cut down the number of students significantly. Now, thirteen students remain.
At the start, the idea was to have a small group of students work on and improve in the art of improvisation each Friday during Roundtable. Ms. Kahn is now putting on an improv show in place of the cancelled spring play. Between now and the beginning of April, the students will practice and work on trust and the many, many rules that play into the art.

The performances will be on April 16 and 17. Times will be announced at a later date.

Dancing to Victory

The Norwell Show Choir is headed toward an undefeated season. Both Girls' and Mixed groups have been awarded grand champions in three of their competitions thus far. Numerous choirs have been brought down by the dancing Knights at schools all over the area. The show Choir will be performing at Shelbyville this Saturday competing against numerous large and small schools.

School Wide Fundraiser

All orders and money for the Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie dough sales is due Wednesday, March 3. Remember for every 12 items you sell, you receive an envelop of either $10, $20, or $100!