Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lion King and Friends

The Norwell 2009 show choir groups will be performing their traditional fall show this Friday, October 30 at 7:30 and Sunday November 1 at 3:30. This year's show is titled "Lion King and Friends" and is choreographed by Jeff Cox and Taylor Morris (a senior survivor of the show choir). It is directed by Mrs. Doles, Norwell's Choir director. The show is Disney themed with a Lion King Medley and promises to be fun and definitely entertaining! Both the middle school and high school choirs will be participating in this exciting kick-off to a year of Show Choir! And in case you missed the Knight's Street Fair show they will be giving us another chance to see the performance. So be there on Friday night or Sunday afternoon and support your knights!

On Tuesday, November 20, the Animal Science class hosted two guest speakers. Officer Morgan is the K-9 officer with the Bluffton Police Department. Melissa Newman is an animal science professor at the University of Kentucky who also works with search-and-rescue dogs for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). They spoke about the selection, care, training and uses of service dogs. Boone, one of Dr. Newman's five dogs that she brought, gave a demonstration of how he searches for missing individuals by finding a synthetic human scent hidden in the classroom. (Thanks to Mr. Caldwell!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Our Time-Girls Varisty Volleyball

It has come to an end for the Girl's Varsity Volleyball. They Lady K's were able to beat the Wayne Generals last Thursday in a 3-1 win. They Lady K's then got to move on to Saturday's games. Norwell played the Bellmount Braves in the first game on Saturday. Even thought the Ladies lost, they made Bellmount work for their win. Overall, the Ladies ended their season with a bang, and had fun doing it.

Norwell Theatre's Fall Production

This fall, Ms. Kahn's theatre program is performing the play, "The Whole Darn Shooting Match" by Jack Perry. Taking place in the early 1960s, the casts acts as the Creative Department of a local all-purpose liquid detergent. This particular slice of the advertising world includes an over-the-top TV commercial writer, an alcoholic artist, a dry, witty Girl Friday, and the sarcastic man the department refers to as their "beloved leader." When a New York agency begins to hoard in to take Easy detergent national, the Creative Department does anything, and I mean anything, to keep on their clutch on their advertising creation. The casts includes many actors from previous productions, such as Tyler Miller, Robert Connett, Brandon Havener, and Rachel Jackson. There will be two showings, both at 7 o'clock on November 13th and 14th.
Also, Norwell's Theatre is selling t-shirts to anyone interested. They are 10 dollars. They are black with yellow font (see right photo). Anyone interested should see either Ms. Kahn or Devan Filchak, or simply e-mail me at devanfilchak@gmail.com. Orders will be accepted up until October 22nd.

Friday, October 16, 2009

We have an ODL?

Mr. Bailey's Earth Space science class has worked on the "ODL" or Out Door Lab for several weeks now. However, I'm willing to bet many Norwell students or even teachers aren't aware we even have an ODL. As for Mr. Bailey's students, we do! We have spent the past 9 weeks observing nature, learning to read a compass to find your way to and from destinations, and even digging holes for the numerical and alphabetical signs for future students. So if you're ever interested in the solar system, glaciers, or even digging a hole, make sure to sign up for Mr. Bailey's Earth Space science class!

*SENIORS* How will you be remembered?

Even though our senior year has only begun, the end is near. We are already one quarter into the school year. Soon, we will be saying good bye to Norwell, and hello to college or wherever else life is taking us. This is the time to think of what sort of impact we have made on Norwell during our four year stay. Although everyone has a different opinion, here is what the majority of the Class of 2010 said. Check out the 2010 Hall of Fame.

Most Likely to Succeed - Katherine Gordon and Bryce Biberstein
Most Talented All Around - Mallory Bushee and Klay Fiecter
Most Likely to Be a Famous Musician - Chelly Neuenschwander and Caleb Grover
Most Likely to Be a Famous Artist - Emily Elder and Nathan Bourne
Most Likely to Be a Famous Politician - Elizabeth Lopez and Daniel Lance
Most Athletic - Jenelle Wilson and Klay Fiecter
Most Likely to Star in Movies - Erica Tucker and Brandon Havener
Most Likely to Sing on Broadway - Brandi Albright and Blake Lampton
Most Likely to Travel the World - Nicole Johnson and Ethan Doles
Most Likely to Be a Famous Comedian - Kelsey Kline and Ryan Ellis
Most Likely to Be a Talk Show Host - Brittany Blazier and Chris Grady
Future CEO - Rachelle Rodenbeck and Cameron Konuch
Best Debater - Thea Smekens and Josh King
Most Outgoing - Breanna Wilson and Dan Barger
Most Philosophical - Devan Filchak and Tanner Tuttle
Best Personality - Hailey Smith and Ricky Patel
Best/Most Unique Laugh - Breanna Newell and Kyle Reinhard
Best Hair - Whittannie Harber and Patrick Shafer
Best Dressed - Paige Fremion and Chandler Tracey
Best Smile - Meghan Scott and Brandon Gerber
Prettiest Eyes - Ashly Dafforn and Thye Petty
Cutest Couple - Alyssa Tucker and Justin Moser

Thanks everyone for voting! Feel free to leave comments.
And remember, this is our last year. Make the most of it!

Marching Knights New Web Site

The Norwell Marching Knights have done it all from back-to-back state titles to their own video, and now their own website. To see all your favorite NHS Band members in action, go to crash31.com and visit the all new Norwell Band website!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


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