Friday, October 1, 2010

Honoring our Students

Today, a total of forty students (14 seniors and 26 juniors) were given the knowledge that they were to be inducted into our National Honors Society. The ceremony will be on Sunday, October 17th at 3:oo pm. Here are the inductees.

Seniors: Kirsten Bigelow, Amy Brehm, Mariah Captain, Colson Crowell, Adam Datema, Ben Fraughiger, Taylor Goodpaster, Jennifer Harrison, Brandon Johnson, Lauren Klansek, Kortney Rans, Mike Sorg, Staci Thornton, and Sandon Vieth.

Juniors: Taylor Abdon, Nicole Allison, Kaitlyn Best, Kent Blaizer, Garret Bucher, Rowan Caylor, Sean Cole, Rebekah Coolman, Cecilia Daizovi, Corinne Eckert, Kyle Fillman, Sophie Gerber, Kayla Hanni, Lyndsey Havener, Amanda, Horan, Austin Horman, Nick James, Lauren Johnson, Shandi Mink, Raven Pearson, Mirinda Quegan, Jami Reinhard, Leslie Sagstetter, Kyle Sink, Sam Tomten, and Addie Williams.